Press Release

– My guest tonight is Terez Major who has made a wonderful transformation in her career and personal life as well. Tell me Terez, how did it all start?

– Well, I used to live my life almost as an autopilot. I did the usual ‘ratrace’ that a lot of us do and I was not happy. Something was missing. At the same time I had always been amazed by the ‘lucky few’ who had made it, and lived their life effortlessly, having the most amazing experiences. I remember myself wondering “What is it that they do differently? What’s the secret? What is it that I don’t know but they do?” I was watching them and I was eager to get “THE” information, with not much success.

– What was the turning point for you?

– It was my dream to work with people. So after spending seven years in the fashion industry I became a counsellor, which has been a huge milestone in my life in terms of self development and raising self awareness. I also noticed that for me somehow the same pattern had been repeated over and over, which was ‘having to suffer’ and being very frustrated by it. I observed it in other people as well. Noted that it was a greatly unplesant state and somehow it kept me trapped! It was most difficult to break the pattern and get out of it, although I kept moaning about it! The most shocking realisation was for me when I saw other people being offered an opportunity and they chose not to take it so they could continue suffering and complaining! They couldn’t realise and accept that their life could be better, could be in another way!

That time, when I realised this I knew about the power of the thoughts and the subconscious mind but I didn’t know how to make the change. I once talked to a friend and they were doing the Mkmma programme that time. As she shared her experiences I knew right away that this is what I was looking for! So I enrolled the next year and the magic started then…

-I am intrigued to hear more about the magic!

-I discovered a lot of things: that I have a tremendous power within me, which is the power of my mind – my thoughts! The power of love and the power of concentration, being able to focus! Amazing things that everyone should master! It was a mindblowing experience to develop these skills and now I am living my dream!

I learned to live with love, I learned how to let it inside me and how to open up myself fully. It was at times overwhelming for me to feel and fully experience love. The answer from the Universe was immediate, it struck me again and again, how fine the attunement was and has been. The more I was shining, the more I got back from the Universe.

Similarly with the ability to focus; the clearer and the more grounded I had the mental picture in my mind about my definite major purpose, the more amazing things happened to me one after the other! It was truly magical!  And this fascination just preserved the drive in me, it was a proof for me that I am connected, connected to the Infinite Inteligence and I am looked after, and this gave me a sense of deep and endless trust! I got what I had given!

Experiencing this ability opened up and developed my own power. And I became conscious that I have this power over my own life, noone else, which was another truly empowering discovery for me and growth. It was quite a task to get used to having this power and learn to live with it. Now all these principles are part of my everyday life.

-How exactly it happened? What was the process?

-Gradually, step by step. Knocking off the cement from myself was not easy, I tended to blame my lazyness on the old blueprint. Others’ examples were really courageous and kept me focussed. That’s why masterminding with others and keeping in touch with my guide was very important. It felt like being born again and the beginning of this process was quite challenging. Experiencing and accepting that I have an immense power within me and I have the choice to develop it, making it strong by exercising and let it bloom! It was a conscious decision and it was challenging at times to remain faithful to this decision!

There were times when I wabbled, but reminding myself where I was going helped me back on track. The courageous signs from the Universe lifted me up a hundredfold eliminating all the struggle and the old blueprint at the time! So it was a discovery of my new shiny self! Without any cement and I became more and more confident to shine and radiate love, courage and power! The more I developed it and experienced it to others, the greater reaction I received from the universe, which was truly overwhelming!