The mkmma experience

Experience of week 20

I am carrying on, hanging on and I am so grateful that others are hanging on to me as well! Thank you! It is the power of masterminding, great things to exchange and read. How can we use negative emotions to expand the comfort zone? At first it seemed to be a real challenge. Then as my focus was on this topic I discovered that actually negative emotions may well be a huge opportunity for us to move forward and develop. For example looking back on the past, I tended to feel guilty for the smallest things, let alone real mistakes I had made, then carried them with myself, almost collecting them and I ended up feeling worthless. It took me years to learn to accept myself together with the mistakes and to learn from them and then let them go. Very important! I kept myself tied up by them, I built limitations around myself by them, making my own life harder. It has been another stop on my journey to realise and raise higher awareness about the Law of Forgiveness. Forgiving myself for the past has been hugely freeing, allowing me to be in the present fully, live my life to a fuller extent. Also, since I lived my life tied up, I felt great jealousy and bitterness when I saw others achieving something, especially with the sense of freedom. Until once I was able to be happy for the person. I remember that experience clearly, I was surprised by it. And feeling with the person in their happyness energised me and filled me up with desire. I did not know anything about the Seven Laws of the Mind at the time, but I felt this is the way to go and started consciously feeling desire when reading/hearing about success stories. It makes sense now. It is in my hands and it is my choice. I waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart. Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I think of it no more. I live this day as if it is my last. It has made a great difference for me to live in the present, I feel more satisfied and calm knowing I did my best.


Experience of week 19

I watched I am and I found it very intriguing. Some of the details surprised me and proved to me that I and my feelings are right, I can listen to them and trust them fully, even, when the whole world says something else. For example when competition and co-operation was discussed. Competition never came naturally to me, I have always hated to compete. And it turned out that we are naturally wired to co-operate, to help each other, to work in harmony! Thank you!!! It has given me a whole new viewpoint/perspective to look at the world and live in it! We are all one and connected. Isn’t it absolutely and truly beautiful? Having some genes common with the trees, dogs, cats…“It’s all alive!” I find it fascinating that the ancient cultures were aware of all the natural laws without having to do any experiments, they just knew. Then people of the modern age decided to throw all this wisdom away only to discover exactly the same later – scientifically proven. Why can’t we believe what is? The director’s message is that everything is one, all connected. And the key is love, compassion, kindness on the individual level. One does not have to save the whole world, the small and kind acts filled with love do the job and contribute to the world to become a better place and more importantly to be happy! The movie highlighted that we don’t have to hoard physical things just because the world dictates/expects us to do so. Everything in nature uses what they need and only what they need, as opposed to cancer cells. What does that say about us?! Clear as daylight! Accumulating great wealth without giving and helping others is out of balance and causes illness, disharmony. Wow. I really understand it now. The part about the heart caught my attention as well. The heart is the centre of our being. I just remember having an ultrasound of my heart lately. I was on my left side and the assistant was behind me with the machine. But there was a mirror in front of me above a sink which showed what the machine picked up about my heart. Seeing my own heart moved me! It was like seeing myself from another, deeper, more essential level. My heart was working tirelessly without a break with precision. The love, respect and happyness I felt there and then was endless.

Experience of week 18

I am carrying on. The old blue print wants to take over but my choice is different! I want to be happy! I am carrying on. Persistence has got a new meaning for me. It has also been a great discovery that we can be happy from NOW. It does not depend on achieving goal posts. There is still a struggle to be hundred percent faithful to the drill but I am not giving up, I am doing it. Clinging on to the positive experiences I have had and carrying on! Seeing others’ experiences of achievement in happyness made me realise that I am not part of the group at the moment. Does not feel right. But I am carrying on, I am on the way! I want to belong to that group! What am I pretending not to know? The simplicity that it does not have to be a battle, it is a choice. It is that simple. So what would the real me do next? Do it NOW!

Experience of week 17a

What a week! It’s been hard. The mirror was held up to me with the sharing of the experience of a lady from the previous round. She had difficulties but despite all that she carried on and passed that point. It made me think: where I am? Where I could be? I have had great difficulties this week, starting with health problems through technical ones as well. But I am carrying through! I believe I will get past this point. It is an emotional roller-coaster at the moment.

Experience of week 17

I decided to stick with kindness in this week as well and always from now on. I have been consciously seeking, noticing and practicing kindness and it gives me more and more opportunities to be grateful for! And I have been making a conscious effort to thank and be grateful really and truly from my heart, not just as an automatic gesture. This has brought a great change: my life is so much better! Sweeter, happier, more connected to others, I have more patience, I have become more helpful to others. And helping from my heart is a true pleasure! A lot of us have forgotten to do things from the heart in this very busy world. I feel, basing this week on kindness and gratitude finally pulled me out of the low place I had slipped back into. I am back and I am able to connect with the Universe (with myself?) and feel love, enthusiasm during my sits just as I was able to do it before. I focused on abundance during my sits. What an experience! Abundance in love, abundance in courage, harmony, opportunities, wholeness…my heart filled up and bursted with happiness! This time I see the process through! I am curious where I am going to get to (or grow into). I am giving myself permission to grow into what I want to grow into using and developing my power. I have been imagining my new self as a stranger, it is so exciting to play, to reinvent myself! I was truly honoured that I got a slide in the kindness-experiences of the members! I am so happy that I did not give up and carried on and am still here with all of you!

Experience of week 16

I have been doing my sits again and started feeling its positive effect right away. Coming out of the grey and boring hole. I am getting back the enthusiasm and trust that I left behind a while ago. Life is so much more beautiful! I am connected again and I feel I am in the flow. Looking around, observing my surroundings I notice the beauty and the harmony and I also realise how much the outside world comes from the inner world. I can live my life drawing from the fountain of kindness, strength and harmony or from the pit of frustration, anger and isolation. I can very much realise it in different people living different lives. I have made a conscious choice this time knowing that there is a treasure in front of me smiling at me saying ‘do it now! you are ready!’, an invaluable knowledge, words cannot express it. My everyday life has changed for the better. There are so many invisible helping hands in my way making my day filled with kindness and support, and this is only the beginning! “I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.” Love it. I know how to become a mountain now. Just I have to learn to allow myself to become a mountain!

Experience of week 15

Time is running and it is so precious. Watching October sky greatly helped me to pick myself up, I am getting back into the right level of ‘resonance’. I feel much more comfortable, I feel I am heading ‘home’. Nearly there. The old blueprint is strong though. But there is a choice, which I can make only, and I always do by imagining a bear hugging a kettle. This is a great help, just like my compass. I have turned in the right direction and I don’t care what comes in my way I am determined to achieve it, just like Homer in the film. He grew so much, the change is noticeable. I am so grateful for all your support! THANK YOU! ” Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require.” The obstacles I have experienced recently definitely show that it is time to let go of the old ‘crap’. If you want the way out, look for THE WAY IN! This sentence has made such a big impact on me, I realised a lot of things and stopped worrying about outer circumstances. Although the whole mkmma course is been about this for 14 weeks, I now really realised the power of making an effort and focusing on the world INSIDE.