Experience of week 24

by terezm

Discovering unworthiness and how it worked in me has had a deep effect on my life. I have gained a deeper understanding of myself and my struggles, what was in the way that blocked me from growing and enjoying life. I know it now. I have given myself permission to grow, and what happend? I also discovered the power of masterminding, it is fantastic when we understand and support each other and want one another to succeed! At last I made these discoveries; I am just thinking back to the times when I struggled, it feels like a missed opportunity. What I learned from it is to be and live in the present. Tomorrow is gonna be tomorrow and with trust I believe tomorrow holds the best for us. And it is going to be the best, if I do my best today. I am so grateful for being part of this experience! I feel I have the power and the tools to use my power. I am taking it with me on my hero’s journey!