Experience of week 23

by terezm

From the negative feelings unworthiness works the deepest in me. I have been going round and round in circles and unworthiness kept me at the same place, blocked me from allowing myself to develop freely. It was revolutionary for me to learn that sitting down and making a choice, a decision, what’s missing. I did not understand how humility comes into it. I was thinking about it but could not get it. So I dedicated a sit to unworthiness and humility. It was moving. Unworthiness prevented me from fully engaging with the change, and from fully dedicating myself to it. I could not grab hold of the opportunity. I was not focussed. And being the observer, noticing the process and what is actually going on, it takes humility to stop going round in circles, sit down and make a choice. Humility towards myself and the Universe to stop and make a decision  and be focussed on it. And if I am humble to do this, I value myself with this. If I value myself others will value me as well! And there is a sense of humility and respect towards the Universe and others as well! I have lifted myself out of the unworthiness I have become worthy!! Wow. I understand it now!