Experience of week 22

by terezm

Somehow Scroll 6 was in my mind this week. Today I will be master of my emotions. We’ve been reading it for a week now, and its message seem to have made its way deeper into my brain and made me realise how important it is to wake up and go through a day being in the right mood. Whatever mood I am in, my surroundings mirror it back to me. I get what I give. Very similarly with the positive mental diet. I am quite emotional. It was painful to realise that all the havok that I ever experienced actually started from my ‘inner havok’. The principle seems to be so obvious, and I have learned and practiced it with thoughts, but the emotions! Thoughts and emotions go together to manifest what we want, but we have to choose the right ones! I’ve been practicing this week and it’s been quite interesting, quite a discovery for me (although Mark has explained it a hundred+ times). And it’s not good enough to feel it during the sits, my whole way of being throughout the day counts. So I keep stopping for a moment during the day when I catch something, for example anger, and I decide what could I do with it. It’s amazing what I have become aware of! Today I will be master of my emotions.