Experience of week 21

by terezm

I have decided to do a spring body clense (which I have never done) leaving out a few things from my diet replacing them with better options. The start was hard. Discipline is my virtue for this week and I got to recognise it in myself a lot of times. Being aware of the ability to practice discipline in myself has given me a kind of strength, I know I can do it and other things as well. I went back to the gym for the first time after ten weeks. Recognising and practising kindness has become a part of me, I am developing my ability to harness negative feelings for my own good. Og’s message I live this day as if it is my last just enhances the enthusiasm in me. I am replacing the unwanted things to beneficial ones physically and emotionally as well. I am also realising that I rather need to manage and organise myself instead of organising the things around me. It also stayed with me what Einstein said about miracle. It’s wonderful. I have started to be conscious of miracles around me and it fills me up with curiousity every day to notice more of it. It has brought a ‘sweetness’ into my life. 🙂