Experience of week 19

by terezm

I watched I am and I found it very intriguing. Some of the details surprised me and proved to me that I and my feelings are right, I can listen to them and trust them fully, even, when the whole world says something else. For example when competition and co-operation was discussed. Competition never came naturally to me, I have always hated to compete. And it turned out that we are naturally wired to co-operate, to help each other, to work in harmony! Thank you!!! It has given me a whole new viewpoint/perspective to look at the world and live in it! We are all one and connected. Isn’t it absolutely and truly beautiful? Having some genes common with the trees, dogs, cats…“It’s all alive!” I find it fascinating that the ancient cultures were aware of all the natural laws without having to do any experiments, they just knew. Then people of the modern age decided to throw all this wisdom away only to discover exactly the same later – scientifically proven. Why can’t we believe what is? The director’s message is that everything is one, all connected. And the key is love, compassion, kindness on the individual level. One does not have to save the whole world, the small and kind acts filled with love do the job and contribute to the world to become a better place and more importantly to be happy! The movie highlighted that we don’t have to hoard physical things just because the world dictates/expects us to do so. Everything in nature uses what they need and only what they need, as opposed to cancer cells. What does that say about us?! Clear as daylight! Accumulating great wealth without giving and helping others is out of balance and causes illness, disharmony. Wow. I really understand it now. The part about the heart caught my attention as well. The heart is the centre of our being. I just remember having an ultrasound of my heart lately. I was on my left side and the assistant was behind me with the machine. But there was a mirror in front of me above a sink which showed what the machine picked up about my heart. Seeing my own heart moved me! It was like seeing myself from another, deeper, more essential level. My heart was working tirelessly without a break with precision. The love, respect and happyness I felt there and then was endless.