Experience of week 18

by terezm

I am carrying on. The old blue print wants to take over but my choice is different! I want to be happy! I am carrying on. Persistence has got a new meaning for me. It has also been a great discovery that we can be happy from NOW. It does not depend on achieving goal posts. There is still a struggle to be hundred percent faithful to the drill but I am not giving up, I am doing it. Clinging on to the positive experiences I have had and carrying on! Seeing others’ experiences of achievement in happyness made me realise that I am not part of the group at the moment. Does not feel right. But I am carrying on, I am on the way! I want to belong to that group! What am I pretending not to know? The simplicity that it does not have to be a battle, it is a choice. It is that simple. So what would the real me do next? Do it NOW!